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“We would like to remain with you over the long term to resolve problems and challenges you are facing in management ..."
12 Modules of Product Management Feb. - Mar. 2023
The once-a-year systematic product management program is open for enrollment now!“Product Manager is one of the most critical and challenging roles in the company. They must be able to successfully navigate a vast array of market variables, resource constraints....
Value-based PM 基于价值的产品管理 Mar. 2023
B2B Value-based Pricing 价值定价 Apr. 2023

利润是企业的生存之本,尤其当企业面临强大的竞争,而计划中的新品研发、市场推广、团队建设、收购兼并等,却因为缺乏利润结余而难以进行。 如何在短期内不需花费巨资,而将利润率大幅度提升?这个问题的答案之一就是改善定价行为,近年来已经被很多国际化公司证明价值定价法的简单...

Total Channel Management 全面渠道管理 May 2023
We have been conducted many sessions of live-streaming class through zoom since early of 2020,including public workshops and internal trainings...
The Customization Cases Sharing 客户案例- ON-Demand Service
A leading producer and supplier of industrial gases and related products and services desires to build a consistent, professional product management function to accelerate its success and growth in the Asia-Pacific region. ...

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