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Customer Value Based Pricing Workshop

November 9-10 2015

Customer Value-based Pricing (CVBP) is the fastest growing pricing method in business today. We are glad to update you with the upcoming CVBP workshop on this specific topic which will be held in this November.
CVBP is based squarely on understanding the value we deliver to our customers, measuring it and crafting business strategies designed to capture our fair share of the value created. The following topics will be addressed in mostly practical way through this 2-day workshop:
- Defining, measuring and qualifying the customer value;
- Creating the Customer Value Line;
- Business-to-business CVBP;
- Value-based Pricing VS. Value-based Selling;
- Pricing communication strategies;
- VBP calculator and worksheet;
- Implementing CVBP in your business;
- etc.


  • — “Highly recommend!”

  • — “Good opportunity to improve company performance”

  • — “Good training with practical case sharing”

  • — “非常实用的VBP培训,适合对VBP全面的了解

  • — “很实用,很有帮助”

  • — “This course would have better results and greater help to whom from same company, sales/marketing/pricing/business.”

  • — “Humorous speech and lots of practical examples, good team exercise/discussions to understand the content”

  • — “This is a very good training for marketing/sales/product/pricing team, and it should be used to build up pricing culture before the employees join every company”

  • — “Recommend to B2B companies”


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