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Lean Logistics Management Workshop

November 16-17 2015

Today’s complex Logistics Management requires vision, strategies and innovative techniques to create improved performance.

Unlike most seminars on logistics, this course is focused on lean supply chain. It covers both physical distribution and information flows --inside and between plants -- and the lean approaches to managing customer-supplier relations. It gives you details on milk runs, returnable containers, or consolidation centers. It also shows you different types of pull signals and their range of applicability, as well as the integration of a pull system with production planning, forecasting, and scheduling. Finally, it gives pointers on setting up and sustaining collaborative supplier-customer relationships and supplier-support systems.

Derived from Michel’s extensive insights on Lean Logistics processes, this workshop will be conducted through a highly engaging, participative and result-orientated approach that gives you an immediate and substantial result.

The Leanix TM Lego Tractor Simulation Game

A simulation exercise used worldwide to teach assembly line, in-plant logistics and supply chain management concepts. It’s proved to be effective as a way to learn, acquire, and retain the know-how.

The game demonstrates Lean in the area of internal logistics and supply chain and used with the objectives of understanding and assimilation of the concepts of Lean.

Leanix TM games have been used repeatedly in trainings in Renault/Volvo Trucks, Russia Lean School—St. Petersburg University, AGCO, Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (Sukhoi) and Asenta Spain etc.

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