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The 39th Systematic Product Management Program

Zoom Live-streaming Class



Zoom Live-streaming Class @ 9:00 -12:30 Beijing Time



Beijing Time

Product Marketing Excellence

Feb. 7-8, 2023

Feb.14-15, 2023


Market & Customer Insight for PM Leadership

Feb. 22-23, 2023

Mar. 9-10, 2023


Strategic PM with Innovation Thinking

Mar. 15-16, 2023

Mar. 22-23, 2023


The once-a-year systematic product management program is open for enrollment now!

“Product Manager is one of the most critical and challenging roles in the company.
They must be able to successfully navigate a vast array of market variables, resource constraints, customer demand and personalities to consistently launch and manage winning products.”


Session 1: Product Marketing Excellence (PM39.1)
9:00 – 12:30, Feb. 7-8 & 14-15 2023

This interactive online program provides the right combination of marketing and new product practices and tools proven to be the most important for success.
You’ll learn critical marketing and product leadership skills such as:

  • The role of a product manager and how to successfully transfer from other functions such as technical or operations
  • The core tools of marketing to deliver customer value to drive profit and growth
  • How to market winning products and develop product plans to beat company goals


  • Module 1: PM Role and Success Factors
  • Module 2: Defining Customer Value & Market Value 
  • Module 3: Effective Marketing Tactics
  • Module 4: High-impact Product Launches  

Each module will include examples and mini-exercise for you to practice key concepts.


Session 2: Market & Customer for PM Leadership (PM39.2)
9:00 – 12:30, Feb. 22-23, Mar. 9-10 2023

This program provides practical methods and tools to gather and analyze market information and customer needs that lead to compelling marketing plans and the ability to lead day -to-day strategic decisions that meet the needs of executives.
You’ll learn skills such as:

  • The key elements of marketing leadership
  • Gaining the right insight into customers and markets
  • Using customer and market data to develop strategic marketing plans
  • Building the business case for new products and marketing tactics



  • Module 1: How to obtain customer insight - VOC
  • Module 2: Market Insight for PM Leaders
  • Module 3: Decision-marketing & Business Case
  • Module 4: Product Portfolio Decisions

For some modules, the virtual team discussion will be arranged to practice the tools introduced by the trainer.


Session 3: Strategic PM with Innovation Thinking (PM39.3)
9:00 – 12:30, Mar. 15-16, 22-23, 2023

Every successful product starts with a great strategy. 
In highly competitive markets, this also means being able to apply innovative thinking to gain a winning advantage.

This intensive program uses an interactive format including lecture, case studies, and real world exercises to improve participants understanding and application of:

  • How to develop a customer-centered vision and strategy
  • Tools and techniques to develop innovative product and marketing roadmaps
  • Specific techniques to make important new product decisions and influence peers and management
  • Methods to apply innovative thinking to every aspect of your strategic plans and tactics



  • Module 1: Foundations of Product/Market  Strategy
  • Module 2: Developing Effective Product Roadmaps and Plans
  • Module 3: Writing Effective Product Requirements
  • Module 4: Applied Innovation Techniques

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